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Apló Greek Kitchen

Apló Greek Kitchen

Great food is simple. Classics from traditional Greek cuisine, cooked to perfection at Manifesto Market Potsdamer Platz. It's all healthy. It's all delicious.

Souvlaki. From Greece with Love.

Inside your new favorite food hub in Berlin, you will find some seriously healthy Greek power bowls. A mesmerizing variety of fresh vegetables topped with your choice of grilled gyros or halloumi. It's the stuff of dreams for any food lover. In the true fashion of Manifesto Market's destination dining, at Apló Greek Kitchen you will find just a bit more of what you would expect at a Greek restaurant. A wonderful selection of mezzes for sharing with your family, friends, or colleagues and grandma's traditional desserts that will top the meal of meals in your culinary experience.
Apló Greek Kitchen

Just had an excellent dinner at Aplo. Everything tastes delicious with a modern Greek touch. Can only recommend!

Fynn Merlevede

Very nice place. Greek food with a modern touch. Plenty of vegetarian options, which is always nice. It’s also gluten free since they make their own pita bread out of corn. Very nice staff and cozy ambience.

Geraldine G
Apló Greek Kitchen

At Apló Tradition is Everything

If the Chef geniuses behind all these delicious dishes knew one thing and one thing only, it would be that "Greek grandmas cook the best". In Manifesto Market's food hub, they will bring a modern twist to traditional food, developing their own recipes, including the infamous secret spices mix which we begged to know more about, but they wouldn't tell us.

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Apló Greek Kitchen

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