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Café Gong Gan

Café Gong Gan

An authentic Korean café full of sweetness and coffee that will satisfy your cravings.

Korean snacks full of suprises

Café Gong Gan serves snacks for the sweet tooth. One of the items on the menu is Pat Bing Su which is a Korean dessert made of snow ice and other ingredients like adzuki bean paste, fruit syrup, various fruits, jelly pieces, sweetened condensed milk, small pieces of tteok (rice cake) etc.. It not only tastes great, it looks instagrammable too.
Café Gong Gan

Asian café with the "normal" café specialties prepared by the barista. As a special, there is also BingSu (shaved ice with a Korean touch).

Jia-wei Chiu

As Korean, I can assure that this is a very authentic Korean restaurent. The food was great with generous portions. I highly recommend to visit here :)

Muhong Lee
Café Gong Gan


Coming soon!
Café Gong Gan

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