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El Bodegón

El Bodegón (by Harina in Love)

Argentine cuisine is all about great food and memories around a table. We just had to have this gastronomy represented at Manifesto Potsdamer Platz. Plus, it's pretty funny to hear customers say "Chimichurri".

From The Messi Sandwich to Artesanal Empanadas

It started as street food, but now, at Manifesto Market, it's so much more. El Bodegón's handmade empanadas elevate the whole experience of food truck eating to a whole another level. They will also serve you with a delicious roster of tapas, with authentic Argentine beef or a fresh variety of vegetables.
El Bodegón

The best sandwiches I have ever tasted! With good quality meat and as its name says, made with a lot of love.

Jessica Mendez

Food made with love where you can see the caress of hands looking for the tastiest formula. There will be many empanadas, but those made of flour in love are also exquisite, huge !!! More than recommended.

Lucila Prestach
El Bodegón

How Two Chefs Create Memories and Moments Through Flavor

Argentinian couple, Maria and Jakob, are the proud founders of Harina in Love, the streetfood that shook the foundations of Berlin's gastronomy, winning two catering awards. Now, this lovable couple embarks on a new food journey with us at Manifesto Potsdamer Platz to serve you delicious food and share their South American traditions with the world through El Bodegón.

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El Bodegón

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