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Enzo Sushi Bar

Enzo Sushi Bar

The best kind of bar in an Asian food hub? A sushi bar! Manifesto Potsdamer Platz's top floor pays its respects to Asian cuisine, and of course Enzo had to be part of it.

Try Enzo's signature sushi

Enzo combines fresh regional products with traditional Japanese cooking techniques. Simply exquisite and innovative sushi, high-quality fish, other-worldly edamame, and more. But also fried chicken thighs with lemon and truffle-mayonnaise as one of the appetizers. Selected cocktails, wines and Japanese sake complete the dining pleasure.
Enzo Sushi Bar

One of the best sushi places in Berlin - they have more traditional nigiris as well as creative rolls. They also have a variety of fish (not just the typical salmon, tuna and shrimp from other sushi restaurants in the city). Really great value for money.

Nicole Kalagayan

Absolutely delicious. Premium Japanese food. Exceptionally prepared. Nice details including fresh wasabi which is a rare find and Berlin. Environment is also chic and cozy. Friendly service.

Steffonn Chan
Enzo Sushi Bar

Embark on a special culinary journey

Head Chef Long Hoang's dishes are strongly influenced by impressions of his Vietnamese homeland and European lifestyle, as well as 15 years of Sushi preparation. Signature dishes like truffle sushi or flambéed fish with yuzu pepper reflect his fascination and passion for Asian cuisine and take you on a culinary journey, right in the heart of Berlin.

Make a Reservation You'll Never Forget

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Enzo Sushi Bar

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