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Cultivating a new level of love for all things India - one meal at a time.

Indian food that tells a story

Awakening from an endless cycle of Westernized Indian Restaurants to an idea - that maybe it doesn't have to be like this, that maybe it can be different here. The time has come for change. Moksa presents recipes that tell a story, introducing you to the people, the culture and the cuisine. The end goal, establishing a new level of understanding, respect and love for all things India.

Amazing chef pumping out top quality food. Better quality than 99% of places in major cities. Totally worth the price. If you are a foodie and want Indian and not just massive portion sizes this is the place. Also the hot sauce is hot as f and wonderful.

Elsa Cheng

Outstanding food, perfectly cooked chicken and delicious taste! Worth the visit.

Siddharth Godbole

Meet Zed - the Canadian with Punjabi heritage

Born and fostered into the community of Punjabis and Sikhs of western Canada, nourished by the food and values of the multicultural families. This established a passion for knowledge about all things food, which brought about an education in Culinary Arts, Food Science and Business Management. Following with a stay in India, working and learning as a Chef, then off to Berlin.. to begin the Path.

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