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Wine Bar

Room no. 5.5

The place where you refine your wine palate, or just savour the moment. Tasteful and sophisticated hideaway.

Welcome to the wine sanctuary

This room hopes to elevate wine tasting into an immersive sensory experience. You are invited to sit behind a big stone oval table to discover a hand-picked selection sourced from nature, including exclusive boutique wines. Our sommelier will pair your glass with delicious tapas that will make you travel the world from the comfort of your chair. Many adventures lie ahead - from guided tastings to jazz evenings and private events. Or simply enjoy the candle-lit Room no. 5.5 in all its ambiance. Look, smell, touch, taste, and listen to the story of each wine - opening up to unforgettable experiences worth sharing with family and friends.
Wine Bar
Wine Bar

Why Room no. 5.5?

The number 5.5 has several symbolic meanings. It represents the five senses that create our human experience and leaves some space for the "je ne sais quoi". It's the perfect pH, achieving the ideal acidity for this divine drink. It's also the number of glasses of wine contained in most bottles. But who's counting?

Make a Reservation You'll Never Forget

Manifesto is an experience worth planning ahead. Guarantee your seating and receive a special greeting from our site managers.
Wine Bar

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