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BEERfesto Vol. III, 25/09

25/09 BEERfesto Vol. III

#BEERfesto for the third time at Manifest Anděl - beer in the spotlight! Look forward to a unique combination of beers of all kinds and endless combinations of world food.

Dear friends, once again the time has come to celebrate all the harvests, Kermesses and upcoming time of colorful fall. Where else would you celebrate than at Manifesto?
The festival dedicated to beer is back and will last 4 days. Once again, you will have the opportunity to enjoy and taste both famous and unknown beers, and not only Czech ones. You can look forward to beer specials and classics on tap. For beer lovers we also have special 1 liter beer glasses!
A number of imported beers will be available at individual restaurants, such as Mango Sour at the American restaurant Dirty Dog, selected lagers from Bad flash at the Ukrainian restaurant Barva. Greek beer Mythos is available at Yaya's Meat and Seafood restaurant and Japanese beers Ashai or Kirin at Taiko Ramen Bar. BEERfesto will be an opportunity for beer exploration.
You won't be cold. We'll dress Manifesto in fall garb, so we will be sheltered and have heaters and blankets.
Each day, one winner can win two beers in 1 liter mug (Pilsner Urquell or Vinohradsky Pivovar), so stay tuned for more information on our social media. 
????????Have you ever heard of beertails? Beer cocktails, or "beertails", can be variations on classic cocktails or completely new creations. You will also be able to try them during BEERfesto Vol. III. The pop-up bar from Proud Brewery will be open on Saturday all day.

22 | 9 Entertainment led by OhMyPrague!
23 | 9 DJ David Joshua
24 | 9 Manifesto Karaoke
25 | 9 Live music by duo Teide band

Pilsner Urquell
Vinohradská 11
Vinohradská 11 Liberator APA
Birell (pomelo-grapefruit)
Kingswood Cider

Švihovský grapefruit ALE
Volba sládků (Vítěz)
Kozel Černý / mix
Coffee Sour IPA (Pivovar Proud)

Enjoy the shot of zelená aka sweet peppermint liquor during the BEERfesto. Enjoy a Czech special called “Magic Eye“. Drop an entire shot of zelena into a pint of beer and drink this mixture.
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BEERfesto Vol. III, 25/09