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Silent EAT IN Kino! The Majestic, 11/01

11/01 Silent EAT IN Kino! The Majestic

Manifesto is covered and heated!

????  Join us for movie nights with an unforgettable atmosphere where you can enjoy tasty meals and drinks while you enjoy the movie in silence through headphones. ????
“The good guys should always win.” It’s time for some classic historical romance movie with Jim Carrey’s immaculate performance. Although the movie experienced some controversial criticism by the time it was released, the good movie should always shine.
The story takes place in the era of McCarthyism in the 1950s. Peter Appleton, a young screenwriter in Hollywood, is a victim of this prevailing sentiment where he is suspected of being a communist. Losing everything because of the false accusation, Peter has a car accident and wakes up amnesiac. He is taken in by the locals of a small town, who mistake him as a local resident who served in the military during World War II. As Peter adjusts to the new life and starts being successful, the Congressional committee finds him and starts the investigation.
???? Movie: The Majestic (2001)
When: Wednesday 11 I 1, 18:30
Language: English with Czech subtitles
Entrance fee: 150 CZK online, 125 CZK on spot
❗️The capacity for the event is limited, so we recommend securing your seats in advance via our reservations.

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