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(WFP) Working From Pool & Sunset Session with DJ, 05/05

05/05 (WFP) Working From Pool & Sunset Session with DJ

Thursdays in May are only for the cool - so why not work by the pool?

Forget the home office, or the real office, and instead, do your work at Manifesto Market. Come on over!

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• From 11 am to 5 pm we will prepare a dedicated working station by our pool.

• It’s quiet but with a vibe, you will have everything you need for a productive day at the (pool) office. Comfortable seating, charging plugs, towels in case you want to dip your feet in the pool, umbrellas, and more!

Table service will be around, so you can get your coffee, tea, beer or cheeky cocktails - mocktails, low-alcoholic or go with the classics or anything else you’d like without leaving your laptop.

• After 5:30 pm the fun troops arrive. DJ plays some sunset tunes for you. Because after a hard day at the office all you want is friends, music, drinks, and a selection of 13 different restaurants to choose from, right?

The pool office is the new cool, let's WFP. ????
1 pm–5 pm 1+1 for free | Collision (low-alcoholic cocktail)
5 pm–6 pm 1+1 for free | Solar Glow
5 | 5 Pierre Urban
12 | 5 Pierre Urban
19 | 5 TereSi
26 | 5 TereSi 
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(WFP) Working From Pool & Sunset Session with DJ, 05/05