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Soup Season In Prague is On

Soup Season In Prague is On

Winter 2022 in Prague is cold, especially during the double whammy of global warming and the energy crisis. Rather than an extra unwieldy layer or paying more money on heat, a bowl of hot and hearty soup is your ultimate winter lifesaver. With Manifesto’s new winter food menu, no matter if you are a fan of thick creamy soup or you crave thin clear soup, you will find your cup of soup in Manifesto’s hug season (aka. soup season).

Kotosoupa Avgolemono – Greek chicken soup with lemon by YAYA's Meat and Seafood

Silky, rich, and fragrant, what can be better food than chicken soup to warm you up in the winter? YAYA’s Kotosoupa Avgolemono is a classic Greek lemon chicken soup that is made from chicken broth, egg yolk, and lemon juice and heated until it thickens. With the simplest ingredients, Avgolemono from our Greek restaurant YAYA's Meat and Seafood can bring you extra comfort with its rich texture and savory taste. It’s also a solid choice for people who are practicing a healthy diet — with chicken and eggs being a good source of protein and lemon adding the extra flavor.


Thai Tom Kha soup by NAPOKĒ

Who doesn’t like Thai food! The traditional Tom Kha soup with chicken can never go wrong in the cold winter. As you probably already know, Tom Kha is a Thai spicy coconut soup, made with coconut milk, galangal, lemongrass, shiitake mushrooms, chilies, and chicken. Although Tom Kha soup comes with coconut milk, it doesn't give the dense and creamy texture like other thick soups. While the chicken broth warms up your body, the hot and sour flavor from galangal and fresh lemon will also add some spice to your taste buds. Do you love seafood? Grab your Tom Kha soup with shrimp. Vegetarian? No worry, there's a veggie version with shiitake mushrooms available at NAPOKĒ too! 


Tomato Lentil Soup by Naan & Curry 

When talking about the most classic winter soup, Tomato Lentil soup must hold a place in many people’s hearts. This vegetarian soup uses three forms of tomatoes – canned tomatoes, diced potatoes, and tomato juice – to create a robust flavor that almost tastes meaty. The mixed vegetables with the lentil not only create additional layers to the broth, but also adds rich vitamins to help you stay strong in the cold winter. The complementary naan that comes with the soup balances out the strong taste of tomato, while keeping the stomach full longer.   


Pumpkin Soup by BARVA

How could we possibly miss out on pumpkin soup for Manifesto’s winter favorites? More than just a way of handling the leftover pumpkins from Halloween, Ukrainian restaurant Barva will serve you a pumpkin soup that will surely hug you in and out and also prepares you for the upcoming Thanksgiving season. Made from a purée of pumpkin, the rich and creamy texture is essential to a good bowl of pumpkin soup. The vegan-friendly and low calories dish is the ultimate choice for having a cozy winter.


Tomato Soup with Cheese Croutons by DIRTY DOG BARBEQUE

People always say tomatoes go with everything, and this is especially true for tomato soup. Dirty Dog Barbeque is now serving this ultra-creamy tomato soup with cheese croutons at Manifesto Andel. Aside from the classic tangy tomato soup, the cheese croutons on the top bring the additional crunchy, cheesy texture to contrast with the sweet and sour flavor. Want something even better? Let’s pair it with the side of classic American-style grilled cheese. Dipping the crispy crust of the grilled cheese into the tomato soup and enjoying the mind-blowing moment!

Written by Gemyla