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Hoxton Burgers

Hoxton Burger

A "flavor first" approach is central to building a Hoxton burger from the bun up, with "does it taste delicious" as the key indicator of success.

Every day 100% fresh, made with high quality meat

The name Hoxton is taken from a place in East London’s Shoreditch that has an eclectic dining scene which serves as inspiration for the menu. Whether you go for Kim Cheese, Chorizo or Chicken Teriyaki, you can bet on original combinations that will delight your taste buds.
Hoxton Burgers

The BEST Prague burger I ever had. Really cozy and friendly atmosphere 200% worth it.

Michal Rewas Žegklitz

A nice surprise. The burger was fresh and tasty, definitely will come back

Anna Egorova
Hoxton Burgers

When a shared passion transforms into a business

Tim loved cooking, so he opened Brixton Balls where he met Nikita, also a restaurant owner, with whom he quickly became friends as they bonded over food and their kitchens. So one day they agreed to join forces and opened Hoxton Burgers - a genesis of two gastro projects - at Manifesto Anděl.

Make a Reservation You'll Never Forget

Manifesto is an experience worth planning ahead. Guarantee your seating and receive a special greeting from our site managers.
Hoxton Burgers

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