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FÆNCY FRIES is a young and bold street food concept originally from Ostrava. Our core business is making great fries from the best quality locally grown fresh potatoes around. We believe that even a simple product like fries can become an exceptional meal if there is enough time and energy invested in production. Our main goal is to create high quality fast food with a simple, yet sophisticated, menu.


The production of our great french fries begins far in front of the doors of our establishments in the fields of our suppliers. A key factor in production is choosing the right potatoes. We make sure that our french fries are always made from potatoes grown in the Czech Republic, in the foothills of the Beskydy Mountains or in the Vysočina region. We make every effort to maintain the same high quality of our potatoes throughout the year, and therefore we always thoroughly consult with our suppliers on the selection of the right variety, which then undergoes rigorous testing before the fries are served to our guests.


We prepare french fries according to our own recipe, which is inspired by the Flemish preparation process. Sliced, fresh potatoes are fried twice. First for a longer time at a lower temperature and then for a shorter time at a higher temperature. We fry exclusively in vegetable oil, which does not have a strong flavor - enhancing the true taste of potatoes, and also ensuring that our fries are suitable for both vegetarians and vegans. The last step before serving is salting with just the right amount of alpine salt, bolstering the overall taste. 

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