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5 Real Reasons Not To Have a Dog

5 Real Reasons Not To Have a Dog

It's impossible to find fault with dogs. However, we decided to do an experiment and try to find at least five reasons why you shouldn't get a dog.

“Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole.”  Roger Caras

Almost all people on the Earth love dogs and there are countless reasons for that. How can they be unloved? Those cute fluffy little and big creations with happy and honest eyes. They are ready to be with you at all times. They are the reason to go out and have a morning walk. 

In the occassion of the International Dog Day on August 26th, we have written 5 reasons why you should not have a dog. Let's imagine that dogs have their disadvantages, so what they can be?


Dog and food at Manifesto Market Dog and food at Manifesto Market Child and a dog at Manifesto Market

Imagine, you just got your fancy fries at Manifesto Market. You came there with your fluffy Scottish terrier. You can smell this unforgettable delicious aroma of just-cooked food. You are going to your table to have a seat. All this long road you are dreaming about the taste of potato with barbeque sauce. Finally, you sit, take one piece of potato, close your eyes and slowly bring food to your mouth. You almost there, almost eat your fancy fries but suddenly your dog eats a lovely piece of potato from your hand. And this happens every time you try to enjoy your meal. EVERY TIME!!!


A couple with a dog at Manifesto market Dog at Manifesto Market A couple with a dog at Manifesto Market

You have a nice walk with your friends and dog in Prague. Everyone shares the news, emotions and plans. Your Shibu-Inu is happy to be in a company of a lot of people. After a while, your dog starts noticing that it's not a reason why these people gathered. "Why are they not talking about me? Why don't they stroke me anymore?" - your poodle thinks. Having that in mind, it starts trying to attract attention to its being. Your dog starts to pull you forward, jumping on you and your friends, whine and look at you with its small cute eyes. As the result, it gets all the attention and you are left without friends as they play with your poodle again.


Dog at Manifesto Market Girl with a dog at Manifesto Market Funny dog at Manifesto Market

When you get a dog, the changes are visible not only in your life but also in your phone gallery and social media. Dog's fur beautifully shines in the sun. Oh look, your cute dog got the attention of all Manifesto visitors - let's share this moment on Instagram! Your pug is tired, a nice moment to post a photo of its sleeping time. You have a chance to start working for your dog. What about doggies' PR manager or photographer? 


Dog at Manifesto Market Shocked dog at Manifesto Market Shocked dog at Manifesto Market

Calmly Friday evening. You sit with a blanket on the sofa, watch some favorite movie and enjoy The Craft burger delivered to your door. Your lovely labrador is lying near you. Suddenly it starts looking at one spot in the dark corridor. "Oh, maybe some insect was flying by", you think. However, then the dog starts barking. It barks into the void and you start thinking where is the button SOS on your phone. In a few minutes, your pomeranian suddenly stops and lies back on your lap. Are you still don't believe in ghosts?


Dog and lights Dog at Manifesto Florenc Dog and a person at Manifesto Market

Are you a sleep lover? Well... dog is not an option for you. The dog is an alive creature who wants to eat and walk. And it doesn't like to wait. If your viszla wants something, it will get it. How about a morning massage with the dog's paws? Or morning serenade under your door?

Of course, all written above is just a joke. :) Manifesto is a dog-friendly place, so you're always welcomed with your cute four-legged buddies. 

Author: Veronika Yashkina


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