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Manifesto Market wins Retailer of the year for BEST CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE

Manifesto Market wins Retailer of the year for BEST CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE

We were honored to be awarded the prestigious Retailer of the Year 2018 Award for the Best Customer Experience held as a part of Retail Summit - the largest annual gathering of all the professional of the industry.

The Mastercard Entrepreneur of the Year (Mastercard Obchodník roku - think the Oscars of retail and entrepreneurship) - was held for the 16th time with retailers competing in 12 categories. We found ourselves amongst well-established, pioneering retail giants such as IKEA, Aldi and Makro. We’ll be honest - we didn't expect to be even considered, being only a six-month old concept. But, we gladly accepted the nomination, knowing the credits belong to all the vendors and the community - all of you are the ones who filled this space with life and co-created a unique experience that is all Manifesto.

Our 360-degree approach integrates design, branding, program, curatorial concepts and communication into the heart of the customer’s experience. Being that Manifesto maintains itself as the first cashless project in the Czech Republic, it aims at creating a mutually positive experience from both buyers and sellers perspective. 

Manifesto’s initiator is the American landscape architect Martin Barry and reSITE, a nonprofit organization that has long been involved in improving the quality of public space, and promotes the best practices from around the world to make cities pleasant for life.

“At each stage of design, curating and concept for Manifesto, we remembered our visitors. We want to create comfort and give them a sense of uniqueness, create an experience that suits them, and we want it to inspire them. We want people to create a relationship with our place, and we want it to be love at first sight. We believe ‘unique is the new black,’” Martin Barry said. 

None of this could be possible without our amazing team, equally incredible tenants and guests who come again and again. We all learned and adapted quickly. We put our hearts into this. This award belongs to you.

Now, let's learn from the best moments and shoot for the stars. The best is yet to come!