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Ready for Spring Vibe?

Ready for Spring Vibe?

It is March. It is Spring. It is Blossom.

It is the time of the year when the weather's getting better so that everyone is excited to hang out outside. It is the time to enjoy the awesome sky view, the fresh air
the awesome blossom!  Ready for the first wave of spring vibe but don’t know where to go? Attention! Manifesto is ready to blossom in 2 days!

As the first market fully prepared for the spring season, Manifesto has everything you love to enjoy this special time period. Enjoy the “blossom” decorations and
have something special for your next Instagram post; walk around with heaters and roofs feeling only fresh, not chill; sit in the igloo ”spring bubbles” with
your loved ones under the starry light.


Manifesto blossom season cannot be any better with food and drinks exclusively for Spring! All elements about Spring that you can think of are included in the
seasonal menu: flower-based food, fresh herbs, infused drinks, fruity cocktails. We are also offering craft beer: Vinohradský pivovar and Pilsner Urquell, vegan and
gluten-free options, just in case you want something more special and joyful!

Blossom Manifesto opening event is coming up in 2 days. Both Florenc and Smichov will surprise you with incredible experiences and special memories. 
So hurry, choose outfits, mark on your calendar, grab your loved ones. Come to our Blossom Season. Be the first ones to enjoy springtime.  

                 MANIFESTO SMÍCHOV SPRING OPENING: 14/3/2020                                                                MANIFESTO FLORENC SPRING OPENING: 13/3/2020    



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