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Spanish tapas in the heart of Prague

Spanish tapas in the heart of Prague

Spanish culture is diverse and its gastronomy as a way to get together and make some memories.

Are you looking for a Spanish tapas restaurant in Prague? Avenida Bar La Tapa gives its take on Spanish gastronomy in Manifesto Market. Avenida offers a wide variety of tapas based on fresh Spanish ingredients and techniques. From jamón ibérico to tortilla de patatas including the best quality grilled meat. They also serve imported white and red wine like Martin Códex or José L. Ferrer to let you experience the Spanish vineyard's flavor. Come by the market and enjoy the sunny weather with some of the most fantastic meals from Spain this summer!


Spain is a country with a significant gastronomy tradition, and one of its predominant features are tapas. Even though tapas are extended throughout the country, each place has its take on them. But first, what does precisely tapas mean?


Source: Avenida Bar La Tapa

Tapas are defined as a small portion of food served as a side with a drink, usually beer or wine. However, depending on the region of Spain, there are different kinds of tapas and they even receive other names like "pintxos" in the north of the country.

Spain is a country that revolves around food. Eating is considered a social activity and Spanish people take time to enjoy each meal and even stay afterward at the table to digest. This activity is even more common in summer, as the sun is out and the heat invites you to have a fresh drink and enjoy the nice weather.

This passion for drinks and food has been reflected throughout the media. Many filmmakers such as Almodovar like to include the affairs of Spanish traditional women, food and everyday life in their movies. One of his best movies, "Mujer al borde de un ataque de nervios" features a traditional Spanish drink, "Gazpacho" which is a cold tomato soup usually cooked in the summertime. In this movie, "Gazpacho" is used to drug one of the characters, who can't resist the taste of the Spanish beverage.

Source: PosterLounge & CineMaterial

In other modern Spanish shows, the food customs of Spanish people are also portrayed. For example, filmmakers like "Los Javis" have created a tv show with influences from Almodovar that feature as the main character a woman called "Paquita Salas", manager from a failed publicity company with a strong passion for food. Whenever she gets the opportunity, she binges on some of the most traditional Spanish meals and "aperitivos" like "churros".

Source: Stylelovely & MoviePosters2

Also, many musicians have decided to show the traditions of Spanish people in their music and videos. C. Tangana, a Spanish songwriter who was very popular for his last album "El Madrileño". In this album, he has launched several music videos that represent traditional Spanish culture, and of course, food is on them. 

Source: Women & Apple Music

In his latest music videos, C. Tangana explores the concept of "sobremesa", a word that means "after lunch" and is used for the moment after lunch where Spaniards rest on the table, chatting and doing the digestion. This moment usually comes with coffee and pastries or dessert and serves as a time to disconnect and enjoy the atmosphere with family and friends.

After you have learnt more about Spanish culture, maybe it's time to try some authentic Spanish food. Lucky for you, Manifesto has you covered. Now you can enjoy a piece of Spain and its gastronomy in Avenida Bar La Tapa. So, gather your friends and stop by our market to try tasty cuisine complimented with great wine from the Iberian lands.

Manifesto offers restaurants and food options from all over the world. We encourage you to check out all the possibilities on our website. If you are ever craving something, Manifesto is the best place to go! You can not only enjoy the food on-site, but we also offer delivery service for those days when you feel lazy or have friends over.

Author: Clara Martinez


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