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Coca-Cola Garden BBQ with Marek Pavala and chef Ali: Caucasian cuisine, 21/10

21/10 Coca-Cola Garden BBQ with Marek Pavala and chef Ali: Caucasian cuisine


Fire up the grills with Marek Pavala and chef Ali from Antricote at Manifesto Florenc!

Get ready for a day full of delicious barbecue. The finalist of the MasterChef reality show and the founder of Camp Fuego - cooking in the wild, Marek Pavala, together with chef Ali from the Antricote restaurant will share their favorite recipes with you. You will learn tips and tricks on how to properly prepare grilled meat and chef Ali will also show you how to cook Saj. You are guaranteed to become the number one boss!
Saj is a dish from Caucasia. The principle is to cook potatoes, vegetables, meat and herbs all together in a big pan that you place on a grill. Because everything is cooking together, they are exchanging tastes that makes it wonderful.
During the evening, you can also buy grilled delicacies on a special menu with Coca-Cola and Natura water. Invite family, friends or colleagues and enjoy the atmosphere of Manifesto because Together they taste best.
17:00-18:00 Coke & Meal by Ali
18:00-20:00 MasterClass by Marek Pavala
20:00-22:00 Coke & Meal by Ali
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