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Friday Nightmarket: Marley Wildthing, 20/12

20/12 Friday Nightmarket: Marley Wildthing

Ready for Friday Party?

Join us for Friday evening full of great food, coctails and music. This time with Marley Wildthing

Marley Wildthing is a versatile, but charismatic singer-songwriter from Austria, based in Prague. She doesn’t care much about trends or current hypes, she doesn’t need to be loud or act a role. She plays whatever instruments she gets in her hands and prefers unusual sounds from Greek bouzouki or ukulele. She creates her songs in a playful and honest way, without following any patterns. Songwriting is vital to her, her songs are emotional and sincere, with light and uplifting sounds.
Marley stumbled into music by accident, although it was always her big dream. Within 3 years she taught herself how to sing professionally, play ukulele, bass and bouzouki and produce songs herself. The first outcome of her musical travel is her debut EP “Cube”, released on 13th September 2018.


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Friday Nightmarket: Marley Wildthing, 20/12