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Live music: Fireside session by Nikki & Albert, 02/12

02/12 Live music: Fireside session by Nikki & Albert

Come and enjoy the unique live performance of the Czech-Lebanese singer and composer Nikki Madi and cajonist Albert Font by the fire at Florenc!

This autumn evening will feature an original combination of RnB, Soul and Pop songs and covers by Nikki Madi. Don't miss the chance to listen to her guitar rhythms and her velvet voice accompanied by cajonist Albert Font, who will play the cajón - a box-shaped percussion instrument originally from Peru.

You can treat yourself during the incredible performance also to a hot meal and taste some of our hot cocktails such as Mandarine Gin Toddy, Blackcurrant Punch, Pear Shrub or Manifesto Mulled Wine, which will keep you warm from head to toe.


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