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Live music: Fireside sessions by Marco & Martin, 25/11

25/11 Live music: Fireside sessions by Marco & Martin

Cozy up to the fire and enjoy an evening of live music brought to you by Marco and Martin!

The soulful acoustic rhythms of Australian-Italian artist Marco Micelli combine with the dreamy folk stylings of Martin Sedlák to create a unique sound with an international flair. 

Camp-fire light replaces stage lights in this intimate performance by two artists from the opposite ends of the world. Marco’s smokey lyrics momentarily transport the audience to the Jazz Clubs of old only to bring you right back to the present with the rhythm of Micelli’s contemporary folk style. The duo enjoys playing from a variety of genres, so regardless of what you’re in the mood for, their flexible and easy-going style will be sure to surprise and delight you. Come to Manifesto Florenc to enjoy a fire-lit night of smooth tunes and chill vibes!

To keep you warm, inside and out, during the show enjoy one of Manifesto’s signature hot cocktails! Cuddle up with a cup of Mulled Wine, Blackcurrant Punch, or a bright and warm Mandarin Gin Toddy.

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