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Velvet party, 15/11

15/11 Velvet party

Let us celebrate FREEDOM!

With the Velvet Party, we will celebrate 30th anniversary of freedom and the right to choose – values deeply present in its DNA. Founded by an American, Manifesto became an incubator to support young, independent entrepreneurs MANIFESTING as a living melting pot of diversity! All of those aspects were unthinkable before the Velvet Revolution. 

Freedom runs wild in our veins and we want to share our excitement with you at this special event. 

DJ Tea Jay Ivo won't hesitate to play all the hits that were banned in the past, to our rejoice of course. We can't wait to dance to all those underground hymns. Let our bodies be free!

Dresscode: Velvet Revolution

You better find your best velvet outfits, because VELVET WILL RULE THE NIGHT. Long scarfs and three-color is satisfactory substitute. 

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Velvet party, 15/11