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Best Glamping Spot for Food, Fun, and Firelight in the Prague City

Best Glamping Spot for Food, Fun, and Firelight in the Prague City

Picture this. You’re in a tent enjoying a cozy campfire, warm drinks, and delicious food that was cooked right before your eyes. A friend that you haven’t seen all week decided to bring out their guitar for the occasion to play music by the fireside while you all enjoy catching up and taking in the beautiful view of a starry night sky. Where do you go for such a luxurious camping experience? No need to catch a train out of the city. Manifesto’s got you covered!

Make your most memorable Winter experiences without booking a flight and dine at some of the best restaurants in Prague by visiting Manifest Florenc for a unique glamping experience!

Cozy up by the Bonfire


Don’t worry about keeping your coat on. Just grab a seat next to one of the fire pits in Florenc to warm up your nose, toes, and everything in between! Close your eyes and listen to the crackling of the fire to be transported to the middle of the woods, atop a mountain, or wherever your imagination takes you while you plan your next glamping adventure. Fully stocked with heated tents, wooden tables, and guitar singing, this Prague market will make you feel like you're anywhere but the middle of a city.

Stay Warm Inside and Out


While the campfire keeps you toasty on the outside, you’ll definitely want something to keep you warm on the inside too. Luckily, Manifesto has prepared a drink menu for just the occasion! Not only serving the traditional mulled wine, Florenc has a wide array of delicious seasonal drinks that you can enjoy to give you the best glamping experience possible.

In the mood for gin? Order a Mandarine Gin Toddy to warm up with the taste of mandarine and honey! Is spiced rum your favorite? Find out if the Hrušový Shrub's pear and vanilla flavor is right for you, or maybe you'd rather sip on the combinations of cherry, puree, and honey in their Blackcurrant Punch! Even if these cocktails don't fit your tastes, Manifesto has options like Hot Spiced Sangria that will give you a chance to enjoy a beverage you already love in an entirely new way. Special non-alcoholic drinks, like the Hot Jasmine & Ginger mocktail, are also available in the market for anyone that wants to get warm but not fuzzy. 

Hot drinks not your thing? No need to worry! Manifesto markets are stocked with a wine bar, beer district, and a selection of other daiquiris all year round.

Mouthwatering Meals and S’more


Now that you’ve found your seat next to the fire with a drink in hand, and cozied up next to your loved ones, it might be time to grab a bite to eat. Thankfully, you’re glamping in the middle of some of the best restaurants that Prague has to offer! Stop by Alebrijes Cocina Mexicana to feel like you're glamping all the way in Mexico through their authentic traditional cuisine. Want to travel a little further? Head to Napoké for the experience of eating poké on Oahu in your own tent. However, if you don’t want to go that far, Manifesto has other options. Take a short glamping trip to Asia by ordering from Ukiyo-e Japanese Cuisine or try some Indian food from Rang De Basanti!

Glamping has never been easier and more affordable than going for a quick stay at a Manifesto market. Invite your friends and family, and make Florenc your next vacation destination by booking your tent here today! You can reserve your spot at Manifesto here.

Author: Stephen Ford

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