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Best places around Manifesto Market

Best places around Manifesto Market

Every spot on Earth is unique. Some of them are authentic and some are novel. 

It does not matter how long you are living in one place, 1 week or 15 years. Everything is developing and changing quickly. There are always a lot of new options to visit. Everyone can find an activity for themselves. Life is motion.

Prague is not an exception. A lot of museums, galleries, shopping centers, parks, bars are always ready to welcome locals and tourists. 

Florenc is a district with an interesting history. It is located between New Town and Karlin. The adjacency to the Vltava river makes the district even more inviting. The name of this area was firstly used in the 15th century after Charles IV. The rumors say that the name ‘Florenc’ came from the  Italian city of Florence. Charles IV had allowed Italians from that town to settle in the zone of nowadays Florenc. In 2002 the whole Florenc was flooded and that caused the collapse of buildings. 

Nowadays it is one of the most important Prague districts. It is known for a traffic junction for international, long-distance, and urban bus transport. 

This area is very convenient for visiting. It has a metro, bus station, tram junction, and city bus stops. Florenc has a wide variety of activities. You can chill and have a walk there as well as work and get a cultural experience. Of course, it is a good place to have a drink and eat delicious meals. 

Cultural experience

1. Divadlo Archa


This place is the oasis of contemporary stage art. It is a chance to observe any genres in different variations and with the implementation of different cultures’ approaches. Two big halls are waiting for you. Enjoy!

2. Karlin Musical Theatre 


This Neo-Baroque building is one of the oldest theatres in Prague. It was opened in 1881. Karlin Musical Theatre is the best place for operettas and musicals lovers.

3. The City of Prague Museum - Namestí Republiky (Opera)


This place is home to the history of Prague. Here you can find a lot of unique interesting documents, weapons, and artifacts. The feature of the museum is a great model of Prague created in the 19th century. Please note that The City of Prague Museum is closed because of reconstruction until Autumn 2022. 


Relax Experience 

1. Kino Atlas

Kino Atlas is located in the basement of the massive building that was designed in 1935–1936 by architects František Josef Stalmach and Jan Hanuš Svoboda. This place is definitely can be called a historic one. The cinema has two halls. Here you can watch both 2D and 3D movies.

2. Vltava river

Florenc is a great zone where you have the access to the main river of Prague. You can enjoy the Vltava river from the pedestrian road along it. 

3. Florenc streets

Florenc district is a perfect example of the combination of new and historic architecture. Every street is a unique spot where present and past time meet together. 


No matter where you are located after visiting Florenc places, you are always close to the Manifesto Market (this is one more convenience of Florenc - everything is nearby). 

Manifesto Market Florenc is the adornment of the district. It is the place where you can get both cultural and relax experiences at the same time. It is the oasis of different cuisines, drinks, cool music, and time spent with relatives and friends. 

Enjoy your Florenc tour! Don’t forget to visit other Prague districts. Each of them is worth your attention. 

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Author: Veronika