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DIY: 6 amazing ideas of Easter table decoration

DIY: 6 amazing ideas of Easter table decoration

Eggshell candles

We were looking for low waste decorations, made with items you already have. For the environmentally friendly household, these recycled Easter egg candles are an excellent way to add festive decor to the home while putting old eggshells to use. In addition, you can combine it with a nice spring walk and decorate the candles with the spring flowers. #zerowaste

Image from Etsy

Fresh carrot in the bottle

All you need here are some fresh spring carrots, ideally from a local Czech farmer. These are bright orange and the sweetest and juiciest to taste. One to two is enough for the decoration itself, for the rest you can prepare a spring menu or smoothie. As our mothers said, carrots are very healthy and rich in vitamins. You will also need a bottle of olive oil or wine (we don't know how to find one, but there is always one with us ;-)) Then simply add some green grass or a twig for a simple decoration that will light up your table. 

Happy egg on the plate

All you need is an egg (white or brown), which you can almost breath into life by drawing a pair of eyes, a nose and a mouth. You can draw the mood to your liking. Wrap the eggs in a rolled-up fabric and pull them on top with a string or ribbon. Finally, decorate with a flower or a twig, which you can find around your home, and you’re done. A pleasant surprise on a plate, which is guaranteed to conjure a smile on the face of your guests.

Spring flower in all its beauty

Do you ever happen to buy a flower spontaneously on your way home, but find that you have no suitable pot for the flower? We have a nice and elegant solution for you. All you need is a glass vase of any jar from pickles, cranberries to anything else you can find. Take the whole flower out of the plastic pot and put it in a glass. Then just add a twig from a spring bush or tree and you're done.

Simply beautiful 

Just a piece of cloth or a napkin, tie it with a natural string, add something green and welcome your guests.

A light bulb that shines even as a spring decoration

Upcycling is a direction that aims to turn old and unnecessary products into things with a higher utility value than the original product. At its core is this way of transforming products one level above recycling. And that's exactly how you can use a light bulb and convert it into nice spring vase, which you can hang over a table or on a window in the kitchen.

If you don't know what to cook, let Manifesto come to you

Let’s be honest, how many of you think of food rather than spring when you hear the word “Easter”? We won’t bet on perfect weather, but we can help you create an amazing table. This year, we decided to think outside of the egg box (because we’re sure you can handle in eggcellently on your own). Be sure to share your creations with us. Our favorite shade of green is guacamole! With Alebrijes, we created an Easter menu with cheese nachos, veggie and beef tacos, and a cheese flan for desert. Available for two or four persons. You can pick it up at Manifesto or order online on Dáme jídlo, Wolt and Bolt.