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Netflix and Manifesto Eats: My Picks

Netflix and Manifesto Eats: My Picks

Magical fall has just arrived and the view from our windows is so much prettier thanks to all the beautiful and bright colors! Light up some candles, dive into a warm bed, and turn on some Netflix series… This is what I call the perfect chill! Enjoy the days spent at home and treat yourself to ordering our specials right to your own door (we are on BoltWolt, and Dáme jídlo, drinks available also on Manifesto on Wheels). 

I myself know the feeling when comfortably watching favorite series and would like to get a little snack but am not in the mood for spending hours in the kitchen, so I would simply eat anything that you suddenly see on the TV screen… This is why I have decided to share some Netflix tips with you and pair them with the delicacies from the Manifesto kitchens. Fulfill all of your desires and combine great relaxation sessions with delicious food. You can easily combine all of the cuisines that you are craving for if you can’t decide on just a single one.


You chose Netflix as the most popular platform for watching series according to the research we have done through our social media sites. Arrange an awesome movie night party and order drinks at, or a series marathon with the delicious feast in your living room! 



David Attenborough is a legend. Ninety-three years old, he became famous for his pleasant attitude thanks to which he succeeds in spreading important thoughts and information and educating the public. Did you know that despite his age, he targets the youth and teenagers? He even opened his own Instagram account for easier communication with them online. I respect him for not only this but much more. David will guide you through this new documentary that describes the current environmental situation in which we find ourselves nowadays. David remembers the past when we hadn’t been in such trouble yet but also presents his beliefs and visions for the future. I’m pretty sure that you won’t get bored but will feel enrich after watching it. A great combination of this topic is the idea that The Craft, which is originally a burger house, has come up with quite recently. They also do realize the negative impact of consumption of meat on the environment and thus bring a vegan alternative called the beyond burger. It perfectly mirrors the whole idea of the Manifesto Market to act as much sustainably and consciously as possible.




What about turning off the news for a while and just relax? If you are just in the mood for something very light, easy, and comic, I recommend choosing Sex Education. It probably won’t enrich your intellect or bring any academic knowledge but will make you laugh and chill out a bit, which no less important from time to time. Many bizarre situations and funny moments will perfectly match with the classic and original hot dog from the Sausage Party restaurant! Choose your own favorite variation of this traditional snack and enjoy a calm evening, afternoon, or a whole day in bed.




Away is another Netflix’s new release! If you are a fan of sci-fi, you will love this for sure! At the same time, it has some traces of drama and romance, thanks to which almost everyone will something to enjoy here. The main character is Emma (Hilary Swank), who has to leave her family and life to join a space mission to Mars. Get carried away above the Earth not only while watching Away but also thanks to an amazing Italian cuisine from the Flying Pot. As the name suggests, it won’t be hard to fly away from the problems that tie us up here. The food is almost dangerously universally good, so don’t forget to come back later!




Big Bang Theory is just the timeless classic that you will never go wrong with, that’s for sure. Legendary humor is not getting old or less exciting even after thirteen years after its first release. I acknowledge that each character is somehow special and genius but prove me right that I am not the only one, who’s favorite has always been Raj- an Indian guy, born in Delhi. Do you remember his legendary quote “I wonder what the non-pathetic people are doing tonight.” Well, let’s just show him… Travel back in the past while watching any of the episodes and enjoy authentic Indian cuisine from Nebu, that even Raj would would be dying to try.




OK, I’m sorry but let me give you even one more classic before we move on… I personally have grown up watching the Simpsons and am quite sure that I’m not alone. On one hand, it is an absolutely crazy and bizarre cartoon, but on the other hand, it got millions of fans from all over the world no matter what age. Viewing only the number of countless characters proves its unique playfulness and the satire is rasor sharp. And Faency Fries evokes the same to me. The best crispy but soft homemade fries from Czech potatoes in the whole of Prague with a series of different dips, sprinkles, or melted cheddar will be a great snack to combine with the typically American TV show. If Homer tasted them, he would forget about donuts. 




To change the genre a bit, let’s try another documentary and this time a unique bibliographical movie the Last dance. It describes the life story and career of the legendary basketball player Michael Jordan and his final season in the NBA. The whole shot is full of famous people and celebrities (Dennis Rodman, Carmen Electra but even Barack Obama or Bill Clinton), not only from the sports field. For the reason that you will follow a journey of an extremely successful sportsman, it is understandable to get a bite of something really nutritious and healthy. My all-time favorite poke bowl from the PokeHouse is actually almost a definition of these two! It combines fresh veggies, sushi rice, source of protein- either seafood, raw fish, or vegan options such as tofu and tempeh. After watching the Last dance and finishing your poke, you will feel motivated and energized for some exercise!




We have all seen the Lord of the Rings like a million times- a fantastic and exciting journey to the Middle-earth guided by Frodo that we were absolutely paralyzed by- but this already behind us, even though it still lives inside our hearts. A magical story based on a successful gaming plot is coming now- try something new and give a chance to this series of American production. It will remind you of the unforgettable trilogy and take into the world of magic! And to honor the memory of the  Lord of the Wings try some delightful, crispy on the top, deliciously marinated chicken wings from the Lord of the wings, that you will a hundred percent adore!




I started watching the Money heist during quarantine number one in spring this year and since then I am eagerly awaiting the new episodes of an exciting series of Spanish production. On one hand, we could describe it as a cool action series but for some more philosophical audience, there is a lot to think about, such as many relation lines. After you finish it all, don’t forget to share with me your feelings, because discussing whether I am more in love with Rio or Denver has become my favorite activity just recently…. Anyway, while still watching, be sure that you will be paralyzed by it and will definitely have no time to cook your own meal. Use the offer of Manifesto Delivery and practice some Spanish, you have learned while watching Money Heist, when ordering Mexican cuisine from Alebrijes. Enjoy fresh and juicy tacos or crispy nachos with a full load of guacamole and melting cheddar. and say goodbye to the wrong pronunciation and make no more faux pas.




If you have loved, same as I did, the Sex & the City, this is an ultimate must-see for you! A fairy-tale-like story, light atmosphere, beautiful surroundings, and people…. My aesthetic sense is actually loving it as well. Moreover, the plot is not as silly and boring as it may sound, you will be surprised for sure. Join me and Emily and let’s make a little trip to lovely Paris, forget all of the troubles that we are coping with here and enjoy all tastes of Paris from the French fusion concept L’Atelier. Go for their signature risotto - bet that after only one bite, you won’t want any other anymore! Pour a glass of good wine and fall in love with the French l'art de vivre.

PS: Emily would never go without is dessert! Treat yourself and finish with something sweet like warm and soft waffles from who else than L’Atelier again!





Christmas is around the corner and I have decided not to stress this year. My hero Bridget inspired me to do that. I recommend ordering a supply of Christmas welder, sit down on the couch, and look at this classic love story, which is guaranteed to make you laugh. And that's important. Smile and be on top of things, just like Bridge in the most embarrassing situation. That is the motto of my Christmas this year. And what about yours?



If you really made it to this summary and resisted the temptation to turn Netflix on straight away and dive into a new world of these favorites mentioned above, congrats, and don’t worry I will let you just in a sec… But before it, the last thing that you could find useful is the link for the Manifesto Delivery website, from where you can order any of these yummy meals or go to Manifesto on Wheels to order drinks (use promo code WELOVESVARAK10 to get 10 % off).

Get anything you are in the mood for and don’t let anyone or anything distract you anymore! Have a great, great fall, chilled and calm days full of Netflix fun, and treat yourself even when staying at home!