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The Happy Vacation

The Happy Vacation


We all know it. Lazy morning, afternoon and lazy feeling in the evening. And why not, it's human. You don't want to go out, you don't want anything at all, or even think about what you would like?  Leave it to us, and enjoy a lazy, exotic-flavored moment to the last sieve.

TIP: All our cocktails are best enjoyed on ice.


Sip of Mex (100ml)

Tequila reposado, triple sec, lime, mango and chili.

Sip of Cuba  (100ml)

Caramel taste of rum with exotic taste of pineapple and lime  

Sip of Tahiti  (100ml)

Gin, marakuja, lime and the fine aroma of vanilla complete the atmosphere of the islands of French Polynesia.