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Chicko Chicken

Chicko Chicken

We specialize in crispy and juicy chicken wings and nuggets served in our signature homemade sauces that are going to blow you away!

Our main goal is to create tasty meals that everyone could enjoy. We have 11 different sauces, each representing a unique flavor inspired by different countries' cuisines. Now you can travel and discover those flavors with us. People all around the world always can find well-known tastes of homeland as well as reveal something new with Chicko Chicken. We are very excited about this and therefore are certain that the world has its beginnings at the dining table.
Who's Chicko?
Chicko is a traveler. He is very friendly and cheerful. He believes that tasty food unites people from different nations and cultures. A lot of our visitors have met and become friends while enjoying our wings.
Chicko team strives to become real friends with our customers providing them with the best gastro experience.
Our concept would impress you as Chicko is going to amaze you again and again.
Our story is dating back to 2018. It was the first time when we participated in the food festival in June 2018 when all customers fell in love with our chicken. Chicken Parmesan was our first sauce to be served, which has become an absolute favorite. Everyone can find something to his taste among our wide selection of sauces.

Within one and a half years of operation, we were rated among Top 50 wings restaurants in Europe running takeaway place only.

Chicko Chicken
Chicko Chicken
Chicko Chicken

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