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Kapara, by definition means love. It’s a word commonly used in middle-eastern nations to express love towards somebody. To us, it describes our love towards food. 

We would love to show you our take on Mediterranean cuisine, where all dishes are composed of local ingredients with a touch of wayfarer flavors, embodying combinations of distinctive flavors in an original way. You will be surprised by our fresh cooking techniques, originating in historical mediterranean recipes utilizing a very special Josper grill. We thrive to share our cooking experiences with everyone. 

Come, darling. Come to Kapara!

Dictionary of the kitchen


The mother nature created the beauties of its kind, each special in its own style and each delicious in its own way. We picked the best of our wonderful land and we brought it directly from farms to your tables. We chose local suppliers and with their precise craft and our pinch of home-made sauces and care we established the menu of the land.

Cauliflower [ˈkɒlɪˌflaʊə]

A vegetable with green leaves around a large hard white head of flowers boiled in 100 °C, half-cooked, half grilled using the magics of Josper grill. Ready when dark. Tenderized with olive oil, seasoned with the touch of sea salt. Served in pita bread or on baking paper with tahini paste.

Ratatouille [rætəˈtuːi]

A dish of multiple flavors with gold onion, greens of aubergine, greens of zucchini, plain tomato, tahini, and boiled egg all cooked together as a whole. Served in pita bread.

Sabich [saˈbiħ]

A traditional pita sandwich filled with the eggplant in tempura and a soft-boiled egg. Meeting up halfway in with potatoes salad, mushrooms from the deep forests completed with tahini pasta.

Secrets in pita 

Our pita bread has no secrets of its own – straightforward it is water, flour, yeast, and salt. All bio, all hand made with love and care. But it carries various types of filling for you to discover in the layers. The secrets of the gastronomical blast.


A word denotes for a premium cut of beef USDA quality. Served in a pita with tahini and salsa.

Hamburger in pita [ˈhæmbɜːrɡər ɪn ˈpiːtə]

A finely chopped USDA quality beef made into a flat round shape that is then fried. The precisely chosen molecule of meat unified with the mixture of freshness - tomatoes, pickles, onion with tomato and green chili salsa. Served in pita bread.

Lamb kebab [læm kəˈbæb]

A different yet delicious dish consisting of small pieces of meat and vegetables with a connection cooked on a stick. Lamb meat prepared with the magics of Josper grill. Completed with pickled cucumber, tomatoes, parsley and the refreshing squeeze of a lemon. Served in pita bread.

Boneless chicken shawarma [ˈbəʊnləs ˈtʃɪkɪn ʃəˈwɑːrmə]

A dish made from sliced boneless chicken. The combination hugged with tomatoes, red onion, parsley. Added the touch of tahini. Served in pita bread.


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