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Kukulkan Taqueria

Kukulkan Taqueria

Taquerias are the life and energy of the streets of Mexico. The original street food that feeds a country regardless of background or social status is deeply entrenched in Mexican history. Dating back to the Mayan era, tacos have been present, reflecting the different culinary influences of the country's rich history. 

Making his anticipated debut in Manifesto Market, chef Arturo Islas and his Kukulkan Taqueria, brings the authentic Taqueria concept offering real Mexican street food in Prague. Drawing from native Mexican ancestry, he strives to keep original Mayan sauce recipes as a basis for his creations. 

Kukulkan will offer genuine tacos, the same ones you will find in the neighbourhoods of Mexico. Tacos de Pot Chuc with Chiltomate Mayan secret sauce, Tacos de Alambres and Tacos de Arrachera are just a few of the delicacies that you will be able to try with authentic sauces like salsa Maya Xni Pec, salsa morita, salsa chiltomate or guacamole. And the tacos are always accompanied by Mexican rice and Frijoles, just as it should be.

Come to Manifesto Market and Kukulkan Taqueria for a taste of the real Mexico. Buen Provecho!!

Meet the Chef: Arturo Islas

Born and raised in D.F., Mexico, Arturo Islas practiced his craft in D.F., Cancun and the United States. Now, Arturo brings his authentic Mayan sauce recipes to Manifesto Market. 

Kukulkan Taqueria

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