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L' Atelier Charlie Voston

L' Atelier Charlie Voston

We believe cooking is all about generosity. At L’Atelier Charlie Voston, we enjoy sharing our passion for good food and giving our customers a unique experience of French-Italian tastes.

We offer big, fresh, colorful, and tasty bruschettas alongside hot röstis (potato pancakes) with delicious beef dressed in original combinations like our Gorgonzola/Pineapple sauce.

French classics are also available to enjoy here with your choice of Quiche Lorraine, Croque-monsieur, and Crème brûlée. Everything homemade!

We make sure to work with local suppliers, and try to put as much bio ingredients as possible into our recipes.

By the way, who’s Charlie Voston? Well, it’s a Czech-French story, as our family is. Charlie Voston is a combination of our daughter's first names Charlotte and Émilie, and a mix of mummy’s and daddy’s last names!

Generosity for the eyes, for the taste buds and for the mood, come and experience L’Atelier :)

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