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Soot is our black ink to draw the most elegant outline of our secret stories living deep in us.

Soot, an open air day & night bar. We provide unexpected drinks with simplicity and uniqueness to mental nomads which will help them to be present at the moment and set their mind free.

Taste the intoxicating Blackheart Daiquiri cocktail with a fig, the elegant Nuts Espresso Martini with a coffee-hazelnut taste or the transparent Akira Yuzu with fennel, wasabi, lychee liqueur, vodka and sake. When in search of something stronger, Pumpkin Sazerac with rye whiskey, cognac, pumpkin spice syrup, absinthe and Peychaud bitters are the way to go. 

Make sure to also warm up with our hot cocktails. Remind yourself of the scent of Christmas with the vanilla Pear Shrub, fruity Mandarine Gin Toddy or Blackcurrant Punch.


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