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The Craft: Burger Spot

The Craft: Burger Spot

Keep it crafty!

The Craft is our name and the craft is what we do. We craft food with our hands and hearts from the natural, local products. We feel that it is important to retain the good old crafty approach in these crazy times of mass production, especially when it comes to food. 

Keep it real! 

Real meat, from the local Czech suppliers. Real buns, delivered fresh every morning from the local bakery. Real heat, in the kitchen, yo.

Pair it with beer!

Gourmet burgers are better with the Czech beers made by the local brew-masters. We carefully choose the best mini-breweries to pair the amazing beers with the food we serve.

Manifesto - Meet our vendors at Manifesto Smichov

Meet our vendors at Manifesto Smichov

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