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 Ukiyo-e Japanese Cuisine

Ukiyo-e Japanese Cuisine

Japanese cuisine is delicate, refined, and elegant. Its preparation and presentation have evolved over the centuries so that its flavors are pure and unique.

Japanese food celebrates and highlights the flavors, textures, and colors of seasonal products. It is world-renowned for its highly skilled preparation methods and unique presentation.

Unlike many other types of Asian cuisines, the Japanese do not rely on herbs and spice blends to season their dishes. Each ingredient is carefully selected and kept in harmony with its own individual flavors.

A traditional Japanese diet has high fiber content, and is low in calories and cholesterol; rice is the main starch and is present in almost every Japanese meal.

Udon and soba noodles, hot or cold, with many different types of accompaniments and dressings; are an important staple. Fish, soya bean products, seaweeds, vegetables, and fruits are an ever-present force in Japanese cuisine.

At Ukiyo-e Japanese Cuisine, our goal is to preserve and always offer fresh, traditional meals with the best quality ingredients to immerse you in a delightful experience of authentic Japanese culture.

The term “ukiyo-e” (浮世絵) translates as “picture(s) of the floating world” and refers to a style of Japanese woodblock print and painting from the Edo period (1615-1868) depicting famous theatre actors, beautiful courtesans, city life, travel in romantic landscapes, and erotic scenes.

Come visit us and taste a little bit of Japan.


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