Kidz Box

Play here!


Kidz Box is our space for mini people. Enjoy Manifesto with all your little family members who are welcome to play in our kids area, free of charge. They can draw, color, create, upcycle, build, and feel like a chef or chill in the clouds. 

We put all of our playfulness into the Kidz Box, curated by a children’s book author and a mom of two Radka Drackova, in collaboration with the talented illustrator Bezzikapa who created all the wall art, and plenty of fun coloring pages to choose from. 

Kids will find diverse activities according to their age - from toddlers up to 10 years old who can get inspired by upcycling art projects and make their own with materials and crafty supplies we provide.

A few rules, dear parents: 

  • We tidy it up often however please note that the kids are not supervised.
  • We leave to the parents’ judgement if your kids will be happy here and won’t cause damage to themselves, to others, or to the equipment.
  • Please do not take out toys, building blocks or chairs and bring the pencils back for others to enjoy.
  • Please take the shoes off when playing on the carpets. 
  • Please use the rest of Manifesto’s space to enjoy drinks and food.

Share your drawings and art with us, and let us know how you like this space!