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We are a company that aims to bring people together. It’s that simple! At Manifesto we have a mission to turn ordinary spaces into extraordinary places. We create unforgettable gastro-hospitable experiences for those who love to socialize in a chic, sustainable environment.

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Manifesto is looking for new team members. Experienced, open-minded, collaborative, curious and passionate individuals. Is this you? Check the available positions and get in touch.

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Who we are

With such a brilliant, international team here at Manifesto, there are many things that make us wonderfully diverse. However, our shared values is what unites us in our mission to make Manifesto a leading company in hospitality! Above all else we aspire to inspire not only each other, but our clients as well. Compassionate souls who not only care about the work they produce but the creativity they can bring out in others- That’s the Manifesto family! During our time in Prague, we have been able to curate the most delicious variety of delicacies from a diverse collection of cultures. In doing so, we continue to share high-quality, trendy gastronomy in beautifully designed places. 

Just as we strive to ensure our cool settings are eco-sustainable, we have also been able to incorporate our love for the newest technology in our designs. In office, we encourage the same ingenuity and continual growth as we achieve in our product. With a conscientious attitude towards the world and each other, we can be an innovative, global presence… all we are missing is you!

What we do

Manifesto is a tech-enabled hospitality company based in the center of Prague. We operate award-winning food and culture markets in Prague, with expansion plans across the world underway. At Manifesto we have a mission to turn ordinary spaces into extraordinary places for people to enjoy. Leveraging technology and renewable energy, we aim to create an almost entirely self-sustaining, gastro-hospitable experience for those who love to socialize in a modern-chic atmosphere.


As a young company, we have ambitions to continue growing and influencing the way people see gastro-hospitality! To do this, we are expanding our reach across Europe, America and Asia as well as strengthening our digital presence.