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EAT IN kino! Rocketman, 24/06

24/06 EAT IN kino! Rocketman

We have another amazing story for you! This time it's Rocketman, the story of one of the greatest musicians on the planet, Elton John! Come for a drink and let yourself be carried away by his greatest hits. We believe that we will sing together again

Price: Free
Language: in English with Czech subtitles

Movie story:
Before he became Elton John, his name was Reginald, and he was a little spectacled boy who didn't get along well with his parents, but he did great with the piano. At first, he only made the bushes more successful musicians, but then he met his most kind soul, lyricist Bernie Taupin. From this encounter, a steep path led to the absolute peak, perhaps too fast to manage without booze and drugs. They helped especially when Elton felt alone, abandoned, and unloved, which happened to him practically all the time. But when you are a rocker and a showman in your soul, you simply sing from every crap.

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EAT IN kino! Rocketman, 24/06