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EAT IN kino! Dirty Dancing, 12/08

12/08 EAT IN kino! Dirty Dancing

A film that has become an unreal phenomenon, a musical legend: Dirty Dancing.

The good old and famous romantic story. Patrick Swayze at the age of young, together with the young and fragile Jennifer Gray, makes everyone dance!  

Frances Houseman, nicknamed Baby, spends the summer with her parents in a hotel for more affluent guests. Here, the still obedient daughter gets acquainted not only with the wild rhythm of dance, which is considered sinful by conservative guests but also with dance instructor Johnny Castle. And when Johnny's dance partner Penny finds out she's in a different state and can't attend a show at a neighboring hotel, Johnny agrees to dance with Baby instead. They start training intensively and the common dance lessons bring them so close that their relationship grows into love. However, the authenticity of emotions must pass a number of difficult tests not only on the dance floor but above all in an atmosphere of conservative morality, which does not want their relationship.

Movie: Dirty Dancing
When: Wednesday 12. 8. | 21:00
Reservations: Available soon
Language: in English with Czech subtitles

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EAT IN kino! Dirty Dancing, 12/08