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Smíchov Goodbye Party with Fiesta Latina, 24/07

24/07 Smíchov Goodbye Party with Fiesta Latina

Farewell Smíchov!

What a ride has it been. We have enjoyed every moment with you and appreciated your visits, rain or shine. The memories we lived in our little oasis in Prague will always be part of Manifesto’s spirit. But it’s time to say goodbye to one place and a warm welcome to another.
This farewell with Smíchov before moving the Manifesto location to Anděl is the perfect occasion to celebrate with a closure ceremony. We have partnered with Fiesta Latina to bring Latin energy to this special day. Juan Carlos and Gina Orejarena will take care of the vallenato live performance, a popular folk music genre of Columbia, and DJ Candy and DJ Durane will make sure to tune in the Latin beats for the night.
And of course, you can count that the performances will be accompanied by our unique atmosphere, delicious food, and refreshing cocktails to match our festive mood. What are you waiting for? Note our farewell party on your calendar and get ready to say goodbye to Smíchov with a Latino style fiesta.
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16:00–18:00 DJ Candy & DJ Durane
18:00–18:30 live performance VALLENATO by Juan Carlos & Gina Orejarena 
18:30–20:00 DJ Candy & DJ Durane
20:00–20:30 live performance VALLENATO by Juan Carlos & Gina Orejarena
20:30–22:00 DJ Candy & DJ Durane
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Smíchov Goodbye Party with Fiesta Latina, 24/07