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The Craft: Burger & Steak

The Craft: Burger & Steak

Burger & Steak is an American street food dish more commonly known as the cheese steak, hailing from the heart of Philadelphia! Just put thin slices of chuck-roll steak on a hot grill, season with salt and mix with grilled red onion and melted Irish chedar, then add more liquidated cheddar according to our homemade Craft recipe. It tastes great, especially thanks to a healthy portion of carefully selected, grade-A beef.

But that's not all! You can customize every Burger & Steak to your taste by ordering these extra-ingredients! Anything your heart desires from chipotle and chorizo, to crushed nachos and dried tomatoes.

Manifesto - Meet our vendors at Manifesto Florenc

Meet our vendors at Manifesto Florenc

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