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American Independence Day Celebration, 04/07

04/07 American Independence Day Celebration

Happy Independence Day! Let celebrate this special day with us at Manifesto Anděl.

This year our American concept - Dirty Dog Southern Smokehouse unites with the Brazilian concept Favela to bring you the best possible fun to celebrate the 4th of July!

What would this day be without a proper BBQ, right? Enjoy burgers and hot dogs on a huge, wood-fired grill and other food specials such as corndogs, deep-fried Twinkies, cornbread, potato salad or drinks such as red, white and blue jello shots and the Sierra Nevada beer.

Additionally to the gastro experience, you’re guaranteed to get a cultural one with live Rock n' Roll music by the duo Alex & Zack throughout the afternoon and singer Piqi Miqi and DJs will tune in classic hip hop vibes in the evening.

FOOD SPECIALS | Dirty Dog Southern Smokehouse:
• Burgers & Hot dogs on a wood-fired grill
• Corndogs
• Deep-fried Twinkies
• Cornbread, potato salad, and other traditional sides
• Red, white and blue jello shots
• Sierra Nevada beer

• Rock n' Roll | afternoon
Alex & Zack (live music)

• Hip Hop | evening
Piqi Miqi | singer
DJ Black Jesus
DJ Illegal
Jamba Jamba
And others...

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American Independence Day Celebration, 04/07