Do you have heat for cold days?

Yes! Manifesto is heated and covered with the roofs. We also provide blankets and of course a wide selection of hot drinks to keep you warm. 

Can I book Manifesto Market for a party/teambuilding/press brunch/product launch/fasion show/wedding?

Yes! Please send us your request to info@manifesto.city.

How can I pay in the markets?

Welcome to the future. The entire Manifesto Market concept is based on a cashless payment system and equiped with terminals accepting all types of cards, mobile payment apps, Edendred and Ticket Restaurant digital cards. Besides being comfortable, we know that cashless is hygienic and increases safety of our customers and staff. Contactless and cashless payments are strictly recommended by the Ministry of Health as one of the epidemic precautions. If you have only cash, you can exchange it at our markets’ offices and receive a prepaid card to enjoy all the benefits of our markets. By using digital payment tools, you help protect our crew members and yourself.

Can I bring my dog?

Yes, but, keep your doggie on a leash.

Can I bring my own food or drinks?

Nope. If we invited you over for dinner would you bring your own meal? So, try not to do it at Manifesto Market either.

 Can I smoke inside Manifesto Market?

Smoking and vaping (electronic cigarettes) are not allowed in the general area of Manifesto Market. We're a family place. Please smoke on the opposite sidewalk, or at least 5 meters from the entry gates. Or you can visit IQOS friendly terrace at the roof top of Container 1, where you can have a rest and enjoy your IQOS.

 Pretty flowers. Can I bring some home?

C'mon. Don't pick our poor flowers.

I like clean hands, can I wash them?

Please do. But, always be sustainable and don't waste water. You'll need it someday.

Is market open?

We are open every day.


Mon–Fri 12:00–22:00

Sat–Sun 11:00–22:00

Can I order food to my home?

Of course, choose your favorite food delivery platform here.