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Happy Hour 1+1 | Hot Cocktails, 22/01

22/01 Happy Hour 1+1 | Hot Cocktails

Come sip & savor our delightful hot cocktails – now you can double the joy with our 1+1 offer!

From Monday to Friday, between 2 pm and 7 pm, dive into the cozy ambiance of our market and enjoy our 1+1 Happy Hour on Hot Cocktails from the SOOT bar. Applies from 22/1 to 14/2.

Mix & Match your favorites, and let the warmth of our carefully crafted concoctions elevate your evening. This unbeatable deal applies to 2 of our most sought-after hot drinks:

  • Hot Apple Pie

Experience the comforting blend of rum, orange liqueur, fresh apple, and a hint of lemon. This classic hot cocktail perfectly balances sweetness and warmth, sure to delight your senses.

  • Hot Pear Toddy

Indulge in the rich notes of brandy, pear puree, and spiced water, topped off with a twist of lemon. This hot toddy is a symphony of flavors that will transport you to a world of relaxation and enjoyment.

Bring your friends & family, or treat yourself to an after-work escape. Cheers to warmth, great company, and unbeatable deals!

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Happy Hour 1+1 | Hot Cocktails, 22/01