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Lunar New Year with Taiko Ramen Bar, 22/01

22/01 Lunar New Year with Taiko Ramen Bar

Enter the Year of the Rabbit and have a glimpse into the most important holiday in Asia at Manifesto Anděl!

???? Don't miss the chance to look into the traditions of Asian culture and celebrations of the Lunar New Year. Excellent food and drink are an inherent part of this holiday, so you can look forward to a special menu by Japanese restaurant Taiko Ramen Bar.
You can choose from a plate of the best starters ????gyoza, karaage, takoyaki octopus balls and shrimp tempura. For those who want a proper gourmet experience, we have prepared a three-course menu.
???????? SPECIAL MENU I From Taiko Ramen Bar
1️⃣ Starter: Takoyaki (octopus balls)
2️⃣ Main course: Soba noodles with shrimp tempura
3️⃣ Desert: Mochi (Japanese rice dessert
Price: 650 Kč
The three-course menu must be reserved in advance through our online reservations. Choose your favorite part of the market and enjoy #Manifesto to the fullest with our table reservations. No queues at the bars, our table service will take care of you the whole time throughout your visit. There is also a welcome drink and a small snack waiting for you upon your arrival. ????
❗️ We only prepare a limited number of portions, don't forget to reserve your menu on time.
???? Visit our website:
???? Choose the day of the event > area of the market > time of your arrival.
???? In the next step, select the Special menu by Taiko option.
???? Fill in your contact details and confirm your reservation.
We look forward to your visit! ????
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Lunar New Year with Taiko Ramen Bar, 22/01