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Silent EAT IN Kino! Entourage, 08/02

08/02 Silent EAT IN Kino! Entourage

Manifesto is covered and heated!

???? Join us for movie nights with an unforgettable atmosphere where you can enjoy tasty meals and drinks while you enjoy the movie in silence through headphones. ????
Wanna a glimpse of the luxurious yet cutthroat world of Hollywood? Entourage will take you to the fancy Los Angeles with parties and wines, and so many familiar faces of celebrities.
Extended from the TV series of the same name, the movie Entourage tells a story of friendship. After divorcing his wife, movie star Vince Chase is invited to lead a role in his former agent – Ari Gold’s filma movie. But under Vince’s direction, the movie runs over the budget for $15 million. Needing more money, Vince and his buddies have to fight their way out from the ruthless Hollywood. But despite all the drama and conflicts, their friends stay strong – “It all begins and ends with your friends.”
???? Movie: Entourage (2015)
When: Wednesday 8 I 2, 18:30
Language: English with Czech subtitles
Entrance fee: 150 CZK online, 125 CZK on spot
❗️ The capacity for the event is limited, so we recommend securing your seats in advance via our reservations.
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**We have heaters and blankets available for everyone, and to warm up you can also enjoy hot meals from 14 restaurants or enjoy hot cocktails from the SOOT bar.
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