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Start off the colorful festival with some croquets and other fun snacks. They especially taste good when shared.

Brazilian cheese balls

6 pcs of delicious Brazilian cheese balls, a very good option for vegetarians

CZK 195.00

Brazilian chicken croquettes

6 pcs of Brazilian chicken croquettes, Coxinha is the most famous Brazilian street food snack, loved by everyone in Brazil

CZK 195.00

Brazilian sensation

Combination of cheeseballs, beef croquets or chicken croquets with fries and sauce

CZK 245.00

Main courses

Join the Brazilian street food scene with these Favela specialities.

Chicken grill with sweet potato

Grilled chicken breast with sweet potato fries

CZK 295.00

Picanha steak

Picanha steak is the star in every Brazilian grill (rump cover), served with sweet potato

CZK 456.00

Brazilian mix BBQ

Picanha, grilled chicken, 2 types of sausages, salad, fried bananas, fries, sauce

CZK 720.00