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밥 Bab;rýže

밥 Bab;rýže

Welcome to 밥 Bab;rýže.

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“밥” is a Korean word for rice or a meal. For Koreans, this word has some greater significance. While most people usually ask “How are you doing?“, Koreans ask “Have you had  밥?”. If they have, it means they are doing fine and everything is alright. If not, it means they are too busy to even have a meal or their life has been tough lately. Likewise, “밥” is such a meaningful and indispensable word for Korean people, highlighting the well-being of those in our communities. 

We named ourselves “밥” wishing to be meaningful to people. We have been doing our absolute best to serve genuine Korean food not only for Koreans who miss their food from home, but every person in Prague who loves Korean food. At Manifesto Anděl, you can enjoy everything from very traditional Korean food to a special seasonal menu!