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Barva Ukrainian Cuisine

Taste authentic homemade specialties of the East, prepared with the care and taste of the old ways.

Comfort Food from Ukraine to Prague

Varenyky are half-moon dumplings made from fresh dough. They come in many flavors, you can enjoy them sweet, salty, lean, or meaty. This is one of the many dishes that make Barva one of the best Ukrainian restaurants in Prague. Barva's menu includes both vegan and vegetarian options, and every month customers can try a new special dish from a particular region of Ukraine.

Vegan Borsch is delicious, I recommend!

Olena Kirichok

Kholodnyk is the most delicious soup I have ever tasted

Rita Robak

How Chef Anna Brings a Piece of Home to Manifesto Anděl

Barva is a newly opened Ukrainian restaurant in Prague that we at Manifesto are extremely proud to support. Chef Anna follows her parents footsteps and opens a kitchen that you can truly call home.

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