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Taiko Ramen Bar

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Enjoy the homemade noodles, the authentic broth, and the high-quality toppings in Taiko ramen.


Homemade noodles, pork broth, chashu, ramen egg

CZK 259.00

Anti-ramen Chikin

Mazemen style cold noodles, chicken karaage, ponzu sauce, wakame, ramen egg

CZK 209.00

Veggie miso ramen

Our homemade noodles, vegetable broth, miso, pak choi, enoki, ramen egg

CZK 249.00


Discover Japanese starters - perfect for sharing with friends.

Veggi gyoza

Japanese vegetarian gyoza

CZK 149.00

Specialities - autumn/winter

In the mood for something special? Try these winter specialities that are here only for the season.


Japanese dough balls filled with octopus, served with Japanese mayonnaise and Japanese BBQ sauce, sprinkled with bonito

CZK 189.00

Udon noodles

Udon noodles, pak-choi, mushrooms, vegetables, chicken karaage or shrimps in panko

CZK 299.00