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Open your concept at the award–winning Manifesto Market

Our cashless food markets are designed to empower entrepreneurs to connect with new customers who are drawn to our emotionally resonant brand. 

Transform your culinary dreams into reality at Manifesto – where higher margins, operational support, and a thriving community await. Opening a restaurant has never been easier.

Open a space at Manifesto


  • Higher margins
    With our assistance in data insights, marketing, tech, and customer experience, you’ll need fewer staff, reducing overhead.

  • Flexible leasing
    Our process is swift, taking mere weeks to start. Choose from short or long-term contracts tailored to your journey. Lease contracts typically range from 1 to 3 years, with potential for extension. 

  • Low entry cost
    We manage the external environment while you focus on crafting your unique offer. Joining our food hub costs 10% of what a brick and mortar location requires.

  • New customers
    Our brand resonates deeply within the community, fostering emotional connections and nurturing lasting customer loyalty.

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