Manifesto market

What's the first thing you will order? The carefully selected cuisines, taking up two whole floors, invite Manifesto guests to eat their way through Europe, Asia, the Middle East, and South America. You can look forward to high quality food, traditional restaurant craftsmanship, sustainability, and so much more!

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Our food concepts

Food that excites. It's variety and quality that defines our ground floor. It's food for the belly, for the senses, for the soul.
Wine Room no. 5.5. A sanctuary designed to elevate wine tasting into an immersive sensory experience.
The matter of Soot bars. Unique craftmanship in cocktail-making served with natural ingredients and a smile.
En route to Asia. Our first floor is filled with culinary wonders from the sunrise continent.

Welcome to the future Cashless experience

You can leave your wallet at home, our market is cashless. We accept all types of cards and mobile payment apps as it's convenient, hygienic and safe for our customers and employees.
Welcome to the future

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